Terrabyte 1 + 2

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Terrabyte 1 + 2

Terabyte 1

Designed to raise funds and bring new audiences to the LA Botanical Gardens, Terabyte is an innovative annual cultural event blending technology nature art and music. Daglish-Schommer designed the marketing strategy and art direction for this event, bringing together a diverse pool of talent, from Djs like Starfish and EEZIR to NASA, who used the event to highlight their Spitzer Space Telescope. The entire event was held under a dynamic bamboo sculpture designed by the cutting-edge design firm Levitas. Over 1600 people attended the event raising, significant funds and generating visibility and press for the venue and all involved.

Terrabyte 2

Following up on the popular and critical success of the first Terrabyte event, Praccis spearheaded Terrabyte 2. Directly involved in the design of the event’s new Ecolab pavilion, Praccis helped make this event a success resulting in a doubling of attendance from the previous years.

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